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We have 40 permanent stables on site and a 6 block of temporary stables.

Full Livery: 7 Days, care of horse/pony including mucking out, turn out, bringing in, feeding, shavings, haylage and feed.

Part-time Livery: 5 Days, care of horse/pony with owner undertaking two days.

DIY Livery: Provision of stable & grazing, extras such as turnout/bringing in can be added. 


Competition/Schooling Livery: 7 Days full livery (see above) plus 5 days riding. This can be for a variety of reasons including: corrective schooling, maintaining training while you are away through work commitments/holiday, young horses needing further education with flat work or jumping, competition – trained & developed for the type of competition you are aspiring to (this can include being ridden at shows by Amy).

Contact us on 07836 357765 or for rates.

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